Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Shreddies, Sex Shops and Rocket Science

Oh, what a night (Valli, Season, Season, et al, 1963)

Sorry it's taken so long to put a blog up, but we've only just recovered!  We had 5 great acts from Oxford, and Ben Van der Velde brought us to a brilliant close with the significance of Newton's Third Law if you sneeze during sex.

The award for best joke of the night award went to Aleks's "You need to watch Quantum of Solace 10*35 times to get the same amount of solace as one hug".  But it was a close run thing: Felix brought us tales of Shreddies and Sheep.  Lucy talked about girls and engineering.  Ross took it out on Americans, and, in fact, everyone.  And Dan gave us Iberian sex shops.

But pride of place goes to our compere Ivo Graham, who managed to turn Dan's dad's anti-heckle into the purest comedy gold.

Roll on next time!



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