Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Bright Club

Bright Club made a triumphant return to Oxford last month, as four researchers and two comedians, Ben Van der Velde and Joe Wells, put on a brilliant night of comedy to a jam-packed Jericho Tavern.

Grant kicked things off, and set the tone for the evening with a selection of bum jokes and a discussion on the metrication of a f**kload.  And how could we expect an astrophysicist to get through a comedy set without at least one reference to Uranus?!

Fran contemplated life as a particle physicist, and described the quest to discover new particles as being like ‘physics fan fiction’; the equivalent of imagining if Gandalf had an invisible but much heavier twin.

Liz got us thinking about the difference between being a member of a choir and being a member of the Church of Scientology – turns out, not much.
And the award for best prop of the night went to Pete and his portable pillow, with a ‘unique’ demonstration of what your sleeping position says about you.

Visit our Flickr page for more photos.  Bright Club Oxford returns in June, so watch this space!

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